Friday, 10 June 2011

Hearties *

salina azman's tumblr
okay , i went to the playground just now to see my gay boy , danial :P . then , we talked blabla , suddenly he was like ' i lupa bwk cadbury you ' . i mcm okay then , go get it , he was like gone forever , lama gila . then i saw him , walking towards me , with a tear on his left eye and sand all over his face . he actually fell and wouldn't tell me about it . i was like pushing him , to tell the truth , and , finally he admit it , he tripped over a stick or something . his forehead was bruised and his eyes too . i was like so devastated , he did that all for me and fell because of me too :'( . i insisted so that he would go home but he said he just wants to spend time with because he really misses me . i was like so touched by his words . we walked around the field and sat on one corner where he remind how i fell in love with him and how he fell in love with me , i was laughing and felt so happy since this few days . he really made up my day and i am so lucky that he is always by my side xx .